Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Hey there all, I'm alive, and I come bearing a brand new comic! I'll have a new page weekly for twelve weeks, starting January. That's right, FREE COMICS FOR YOU! Even better, free space comics...

In the oppressive space future, magic has been outlawed for defying the laws of science. All the magicians throughout space were rounded up and exiled to the lamest planet around. Those who escape are hunted ruthlessly.

Although a magician hasn't been seen by the outside world in generations, their relics still pass through the space black market. While magicians are the only ones who can unlock these item's full potential, a wand or a hat can still change the tide of battle.

Space creatures on the wrong side of the law can make a fortune dealing in all sorts of forbidden magical artifacts. Including a certain sexy space girl with a rocket powered mace!

However, break the anti-space magic laws and you have to deal with the J.A.W.S., a fearsome robotic police force.

Once again, this comic is written and drawn by me. (the only Katie Longua.. I think) It was quite a bit of fun working on, so hopefully that comes across when you get to read it! With that, I'll leave you with the inks for the first page! If spacegirls with rocket powered maces fighting robot police space sharks don't catch your interest, I'm not sure what will.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Katiesaurus fantasizes about being a rock star!

Standing in the rain, with her head hung low
Couldn't get a ticket, it was a sold out show
Heard the roar of the crowd, she could picture the scene
Put her ear to the wall, then like a distant scream
She heard one gameboy, just blew her away
She saw stars in her eyes, and the very next day

Bought a beat up gray brick, in a used-game store
Didn't know how to play it, but she knew for sure
That one gameboy, felt good in her hands, didn't take long, to understand
Just one gameboy, held way down low
Was a one way ticket, only one way to go
So she started bleepin', ain't never gonna stop
Gotta keep on bloopin', someday gonna make it to the top

And be an 8-bit hero, got coins in her eyes, she's an 8-bit hero
She took one gameboy, 8-bit hero, pixels in her eyes
8-bit hero, (stars in her eyes) She'll come alive tonight

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Katiesaurus will see you at APE!

I've been awful quiet lately, but big things are coming! I'll have more news as the Alternative Press Expo gets closer.. but until then.. here's a glimpse of what I've been crazily working on!

Friday, July 1, 2011


Jon Snow is my favorite character from Game of Thrones! Wooooo! I read the book first, so it's mostly how I imagined things looking.. Only this is a bit in the future, where I'm SURE Jon Snow single handedly goes beyond the wall and beats all the white-walkers. 'Cuz he's the best. Colors to follow, just thought I'd actually get something up on Friday. YEAH I HAVE THREE MINUTES LEFT! FANART FRIIIIDAY!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Katiesaurus survives finals, family, and... MOOOOORE SPAAAACE!

Might have seen this 'un on 900bats already. It may be one of my favorites as it clears up a lot of profound questions about my last name.

My tribute to flash mobs and such of San Francisco, inspired by the first Flash Dance I went to which happened to be crashed by police who asked, "Don't you guys have anything better to do?" ...I'm pretty sure there's nothing better than free all ages fun. Flash mobs are some of the most inspiring things to me in the city. <3 <3 <3!!!

And lastly....

NEW SPACEGIRL!!!!! She's a space miner collecting asteroids for their valuable resources, ooooooo~ I LOVE SPACE!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Katiesaurus is... the snobby food critic of candyland!!!

I love sugary things. Enough to start making reviews in comic form.. My first one is of Cupcake Pebbles, the saddest excuse for a breakfast item, but most delicious cereal ever made. It tastes like Rice Krispie Treats. BUT FOR BREAKFAST. MMMmmm. Words cannot describe the intense sugary vanilla smell that blasts straight into your nose when you open the box. Its a thing of beauty.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Katiesaurus Seeeeeeeeeews! And fiberglasses, and sands, and wires, and...


I especially love spacegirls, which why I lapsed into insanity last year and started my most ambitious Halloween costume yet.

While its hardly as flawless in construction as the 405th or 501st, who've really gotten prop armor building down.. I'm still super proud of it as a first attempt with very little time, money, or knowledge about prop making.

Anyway, I've always been a huge nerd about these sorts of things, so I took some BEHIND THE SCENES shots of the costume so ya'll can see how it happened.

That's some classy dollar store sponge holding my head in, mmm-hmm, super high tech. The whole costume was really a test to see how well I could figure out helmet making. I did learn one thing... oh man. It is not easy. :|

The base of the helmet is a papercraft model I constructed out of cardstock. I actually made three while trying to figure the right scale to fit my tiny baby head. Then I attacked the whole thing with resin and fiberglass, an extremely educating experience.. In that I learned I still don't quite know how to use resin and fiberglass.

I don't want to talk about how much sanding I did. Moving on..

Spray painted everything.

The visor is from a broken motorcycle helmet. Fin and wings were cut out of plexiglass and attached with super extreme epoxy.

The wire is electroluminescent wire.. the awesomest creation ever.

The coat is made from an altered dress pattern with EL wire hand sewn on for more GLOOOOWING POWERRR! Lights are awesome. (The whole costume runs on 12 batteries, eek!)

The jet pack is just foam board and poster tubes, I really wanted the chance to try and make it a little fancier.. but by that time I was only a couple days away from Halloween!

I found the bubble gun online, and it is by far the most fun part of this costume. It was painted to match the costume and then I used a vacuum cleaner hose to attach the jet pack to the bottle of bubbles so it'd look like the bubbles came from there!

I loooove wearing this costume. I'm already thinking about spacesuit v. 2.0...

Oooo, also! There are a couple more awesome pictures at 900bats.com!

Friday, April 8, 2011


I can't believe it really exists.. the brand new shiny first issue of RÖK!!! I've had a really great time selling them, thanks to everyone who has bought a copy so far, ya'll make me all teary eyed. If you're still after a copy you can track me down or visit the Isotope! I'm trying to get it into some other stores, but otherwise I hope to see you later on this year at APE!!! Wooooooooooo! It is the best hearing from people that want to read more, so excitinggg! I certainly have a lot more planned

The second issue will be out for APE, I already can't wait to draw the next cover. When I start working on the next issue in the summer, I'll release the first one on my website. I really just want as many people as possible to get to read it! For now I'm posting some of my favorite pages up for you peeps who haven't gotten to see it yet.

The very first page! It feels like a million years ago that I drew it, even though its just been a few months.

RÖK is a comic about SUPER INTENSE METAL!!! And also a dude with crazy possessed hair.

These are my favorite two pages from RÖK. Did I mention it was also the manliest magical girl comic ever?

Thanks so much everyone who has been interested! Can't wait to bring you news of issue #2!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

RÖK is coming...

With the completion of the inks I think I can safely announce my new comic without jinxing it..

RÖK is the story of my roomie Elaine. Possessed by the spirit of Odin she's drawn into the battle to stop Ragnarök with the EXTREEEME power of folk metal. It's an epic comic of bizarre nerdiness.

The first issue will be released at WonderCon this weekend! Expect a new post soon with info about the booth I'll be at, as well as a little sneak peak of the comic itself. (OoooOoooo~!)

See you soooon~! RÖK ON!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Aesop Rock!

I worked on this comic for Noise Pop back in February, and was waiting for it to be posted on their site before I shared it all around!!! It was really fun, and I hope I get another chance to do an interview where my shyness does not get the best of me. I did feel like the show itself was so crazy it deserved to be the subject of the comic anyway though.

You can read the whooole thing here!

Also read the other super awesome comics by other neat-o locals as well!!! High fives all around guys~! It's an honor to be grouped with so much win.

And stay tuned.. biiiiig WonderCon updates are coming this weekend.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Beat People Up Day

Hiiii. I started a blog finally so the things I draw won't be so secretive and mysterious.

Writing isn't really my thing, so I'll probably avoid that.. Right now I'm supposed to be working a paper, not doodling and starting blogs. I get a lot of things done when I'm avoiding papers.

Anyway, the important point I need to make today is that February 14 is the best day of the year. And if you live in San Francisco and enjoy hitting things and mobs (in a happy non-murderous sort of way) you should feel the same way. So forget all the boring lame stuff about Valentine's Day, CUZ THERE'S STILL TIME FOR ADVENTUUUUURE~! Instead go to Justin Herman Plaza at 6 with a pillow, and be a part of the most extreeeeeme pillow fight everrrrrr!!! Its gotta be seen to be believed!

Also, I drew a little picture to express my love of pillow warfare. KA-POW!