Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pokemon Superhero Mashups!!! (for saaaale!!!)

I haven't drawn anything but RÖK stuff for a while, so I decided I needed an incredibly silly break from that.. Also I just couldn't decide if I wanted to draw some Pokemon or some superheroes...


 Batgirl and all her favorite Pokemon! I found out all the bat Pokemon are super cute and fun to draw and are sooooo awesome, not just Swoobat. I guess all my previous hate was because of generation one Golbat... SO SCARY!!!

(This is the stuff of nightmares.)

Iron Man has some trouble with magnetic Pokemon.

Dazzler and Jigglypuff make an awesome singing team. Meanwhile, Wigglytuff didn't manage to evolve any awesome skating abilities. I had the best time making everything in this drawing SUPER SHINY AND SPARKLY!!!!

CUTE CUDDLY KITTIES EVERYWHERE! Also, Purugly may be the most entertaining Pokemon to draw. I recommend it. Were you aware the end of Purugly's tail wraps around its stomach to hold back all its fat? Whoever designed it is a genius and also completely insane.


Aaaaand my newest one... Doctor Strange!

Here they are all together. My first time coloring in marker for quite a while.. It's super nice and relaxing. And also now I have some original colored art that could be yours!!!!

Each one is 6"x8" and I'm selling them for $30 each. They're available over here at my Etsy shop! (As well as all issues of my heavy metal magical girl comic, RÖK.)

Lots of thanks to Comics Alliance for sharing these!