Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Hey there all, I'm alive, and I come bearing a brand new comic! I'll have a new page weekly for twelve weeks, starting January. That's right, FREE COMICS FOR YOU! Even better, free space comics...

In the oppressive space future, magic has been outlawed for defying the laws of science. All the magicians throughout space were rounded up and exiled to the lamest planet around. Those who escape are hunted ruthlessly.

Although a magician hasn't been seen by the outside world in generations, their relics still pass through the space black market. While magicians are the only ones who can unlock these item's full potential, a wand or a hat can still change the tide of battle.

Space creatures on the wrong side of the law can make a fortune dealing in all sorts of forbidden magical artifacts. Including a certain sexy space girl with a rocket powered mace!

However, break the anti-space magic laws and you have to deal with the J.A.W.S., a fearsome robotic police force.

Once again, this comic is written and drawn by me. (the only Katie Longua.. I think) It was quite a bit of fun working on, so hopefully that comes across when you get to read it! With that, I'll leave you with the inks for the first page! If spacegirls with rocket powered maces fighting robot police space sharks don't catch your interest, I'm not sure what will.

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