Wednesday, September 12, 2012


 The big ol' exciting commission I've been working on finally made it to its owner, so I'm posting about it here! They requested a dino rock band theme, so we decided to make it an awesome band poster! So many things I like!

Pencil rough time!

They decided on dinosaurs in space, which is an even greater combination of things I like! Woo! Although I still really like the other two roughs as well. Maybe the world needs even more fake dinosaur band posters...

Anyway, to the inks!

 I had pretty well developed roughs already, so not to big a change. I just shifted things around to fit the composition better. Also I decided to hide a little nerdy reference in there. :P


Supaaah bright and crazy, as usual. Overall it was a really fun project. I'm very thankful of all the people in the world who decide their walls need awesome rockin' out dinos. 

 While I was researching this project, I actually discovered there was a real dinosaur band... Hevisaurus!!! They're a Finnish heavy metal band for children. All the band members are super cool dinosaurs. I'm 100% a fan of all these things.


See you next time!

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