Friday, April 15, 2011

Katiesaurus Seeeeeeeeeews! And fiberglasses, and sands, and wires, and...


I especially love spacegirls, which why I lapsed into insanity last year and started my most ambitious Halloween costume yet.

While its hardly as flawless in construction as the 405th or 501st, who've really gotten prop armor building down.. I'm still super proud of it as a first attempt with very little time, money, or knowledge about prop making.

Anyway, I've always been a huge nerd about these sorts of things, so I took some BEHIND THE SCENES shots of the costume so ya'll can see how it happened.

That's some classy dollar store sponge holding my head in, mmm-hmm, super high tech. The whole costume was really a test to see how well I could figure out helmet making. I did learn one thing... oh man. It is not easy. :|

The base of the helmet is a papercraft model I constructed out of cardstock. I actually made three while trying to figure the right scale to fit my tiny baby head. Then I attacked the whole thing with resin and fiberglass, an extremely educating experience.. In that I learned I still don't quite know how to use resin and fiberglass.

I don't want to talk about how much sanding I did. Moving on..

Spray painted everything.

The visor is from a broken motorcycle helmet. Fin and wings were cut out of plexiglass and attached with super extreme epoxy.

The wire is electroluminescent wire.. the awesomest creation ever.

The coat is made from an altered dress pattern with EL wire hand sewn on for more GLOOOOWING POWERRR! Lights are awesome. (The whole costume runs on 12 batteries, eek!)

The jet pack is just foam board and poster tubes, I really wanted the chance to try and make it a little fancier.. but by that time I was only a couple days away from Halloween!

I found the bubble gun online, and it is by far the most fun part of this costume. It was painted to match the costume and then I used a vacuum cleaner hose to attach the jet pack to the bottle of bubbles so it'd look like the bubbles came from there!

I loooove wearing this costume. I'm already thinking about spacesuit v. 2.0...

Oooo, also! There are a couple more awesome pictures at!