Friday, April 8, 2011


I can't believe it really exists.. the brand new shiny first issue of RÖK!!! I've had a really great time selling them, thanks to everyone who has bought a copy so far, ya'll make me all teary eyed. If you're still after a copy you can track me down or visit the Isotope! I'm trying to get it into some other stores, but otherwise I hope to see you later on this year at APE!!! Wooooooooooo! It is the best hearing from people that want to read more, so excitinggg! I certainly have a lot more planned

The second issue will be out for APE, I already can't wait to draw the next cover. When I start working on the next issue in the summer, I'll release the first one on my website. I really just want as many people as possible to get to read it! For now I'm posting some of my favorite pages up for you peeps who haven't gotten to see it yet.

The very first page! It feels like a million years ago that I drew it, even though its just been a few months.

RÖK is a comic about SUPER INTENSE METAL!!! And also a dude with crazy possessed hair.

These are my favorite two pages from RÖK. Did I mention it was also the manliest magical girl comic ever?

Thanks so much everyone who has been interested! Can't wait to bring you news of issue #2!

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