Tuesday, May 22, 2012


 I'm super excited to announce my first in store event-y fun times thing! I even drew this new RÖK illustration special for it. I peer pressure you all to come visit me at Isotope this Saturday! Viking helmets highly encouraged...


My mighty band of heavy metal viking gods and I are taking over the Isotope this Saturday! Come hang out and get your hands on a copy of the shiny, brand new third issue of RÖK. Follow Elaine and the rest of her Nordic crew as they attempt to outwit the king of giants!

(No worries if you missed out on the first two issues. There will be copies available so you or a friend can get caught up on the sweetest magical-girl-rock-epic of all time!)

Also, extra awesome points and an honored place in Valhalla to viking warriors who come in appropriate garb and a wanderlust-y attitude!

RÖK ON!! \m/-_-\m/


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