Monday, June 18, 2012


The RÖK #3 release party was so crazy fun! Thanks to everyone that showed up. It was great to meet RÖK fans that I didn't even know were out there~!!! I also created some life size cut-outs of Thor and Elaine, since they're most involved in the third issue! I'm so happy with them.. maybe I need to make the rest of the band and have a matching set?

If you're in San Francisco, you should check them out at the Isotope! They're still rocking out in the display window. If you wanna see more pictures of the release party, including some of the bajillion sketches I did, look over here.

Speaking of the third issue.. Its now available at Floating World along with the other issues in Portland. ALSOOOO.... RÖK #3 finally gets its Etsy debut!!!

To celebrate, here are a couple pages out of my super special secret planning notebook. These are only some of tons of different sketches I do before moving on to final comic pages. If you compare the comic pages to these, I'm sure you'll recognize quite a few pages! Also included a couple sample pages from #3~!

See you next time~!

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